Fashion For A Good Cause: "Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee

Fashion IZ Freedom Tee, IZ Collection, Access10
How great is it when you can express yourself through fashion and style while still helping a great cause. You may have seen me rocking this " Fashion IZ Freedom" Tee, along side other  awesome people on instagram. The tees are part of a new campaign to put the spot light on accessibility. Izzy Camilleri, designer and founder of IZ, a provider of sophisticated and functional clothing for individuals using wheelchairs, is proud to announce a new campaign to raise funds and awareness for accessibility called Access10.


Essence Cosmetics : 5 products that will not break the bank, My Picks!

Essence Cosmetics, lip gloss, duo 3d eyeshadow, gel nail polish, lipstick

I have wanted to do this post for so long and it's very much overdue. Beauty has been neglected on this blog because for me when it comes to beauty and reviews I want to hold my readers down with as much honest and detailed information as I can. With all the past "issues" I have not been able to focus on that part which is a section I really love until now.


Blast from the Past: Inspired by the 70s

70s trend 2015, Flare Jeans, Fringe, off shoulder blouse
 If I was not born in the late 80s I would have loved to have been around during the 70s. I love the 70s because it appeared to be very laid back compared to now. I also loved how expressive and eclectic fashion was.


Style Me Ankara: Ankara Patterned Skirt Part 2

So clearly, I did not get the memo that summer is gone and fall is here with this outfit. However, I can explain! Firstly, I loved this outfit way too much for it to slip away and secondly the weather has been behaving as if it was still summer.